When Life Is Good

Oh my gosh you guys, my summer has been really awesome and I hope it has been the same for you too! My business is taking off, I have great people in my life, my loved ones are happy and healthy, the weather has been beautiful and I have been enjoying lots of vacation time. This past week was my annual lake week with my single girlfriends (we did it a month early because I am going on a cruise during our normal time. Yay!). Lake week is one of my favorite times of the year. It is always so much fun, full of relaxation and rowdiness. What can I say, when my girls and I are together, it is always a good time!

In the midst of all of my summer fun, I have noticed something that caught me off guard…when I am out of my normal routine/on vacation and things are going really well for me, I tend to let my relationship with the Lord slide a bit. Almost like, I don’t need Him as much when life seems to be really good. This “slide” looks like rushing through my daily bible reading, not spending as much time in prayer and not craving my time with the Lord. I realized this issue half way through lake week because I felt kind of disjointed and hollow. So at sunset, I grabbed my bible and my journal and spent some quality time with the Lord. I repented of my foolishness and quietly sang my song of the year/my life “Be Thou My Vision” and then poured my heart out to the Lord in my journal…Lord, help me not to forget you when things are going well because you never forget me. I thank you every moment that I have breath for the amazing life that I have been given.

I am so blessed that my spirit sensed when something was off and that I had the wisdom to get right back to it. And now that I am aware of my tendency to let my spiritual diligence slide while on vacation and life seems good, I can do everything in my power to keep my focus where it should be. “Every good and perfect gift is from above…” James 1:17.



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